Keyword Research Hack for Growing Your YouTube Channel

There are more than 500 hours of video content uploaded every day to YouTube. Your goal is to make sure that out of all that huge amount of information your Youtube content will rank well in search and reach your target audience. How to achieve that? Before shooting your next video, you need to research your keywords and figure out what will be your strategy. And there is no better way to do that than analyzing the competitors’ successful videos in your niche.  

Find a good-performing video in your niche

By a “good-performing” video, I mean footage with a great number of views and comments. Find the video in your niche which looks similar to the one you’re about to shoot. 

As an example, I took a video from Owen


How to Find the Keywords

Once you’re on the page with the video, right-click at any place on the page and then click “View page source.”

An instruction on what window you should see once you start looking for the keywords

Once you click it, you’ll be taken to the new tab where you’ll see this:An instruction on what window you should see once you start looking for the keywords. Piece of code

That’s exactly what you’re looking for. Here, you can see the YouTube source code for that exact video. You can check it for every site out there. Read this insightful article from Neil Patel on why it’s important to read your website code. Use the shortcut Ctrl+F for PC or Cmd+F for Mac to activate the search bar.

If your shortcuts don’t work, you also can click on the three-dots button at the top-right corner in your Chrome browser and click on the “Find” option.

An instruction on what window you should see once you start looking for the keywords. Pointing out the search bar

Type in “keywords” in the search bar. Tada, here they are!

Now we can see the keywords for Owen’s video:

facebook live, facebook live streaming, facebook live broadcasting,,, belive streaming, facebook livestream, facebook watch party, facebook watch parties, how to get more viewers on, how to get more viewers on facebook live, and so on.

After finding the keywords, you can get an idea of why that video was ranked so well. You have all cards up your sleeve since you can analyze the thumbnail, title, video content, and keywords altogether and understand what your video should aim for to get such a good result. It’s important to emphasize that it’s not about copying, but about researching and analyzing.

Another Way to Use Keyword Research

You also can pick one or two out of those keywords and create content around them. For example, I think that I can try shooting a video around Owen’s keyword “how to get more viewers on Facebook live”. I believe that people might be interested in how they can gain more views by sharing their presentations. The video title can be: “How to get more views on Facebook live by sharing your screen”.

Returning to Owen’s video, you’ll also notice that the part of this keyword is used in the title of his video. It means that people are searching for content around this topic.

But remember, it’s not about copying other creator’s content. It’s about providing even more value and sharing your experience for the exact keywords that can benefit your target audience.

Finding good keywords and compiling titles around those is one of the key successes in the content strategy. You can also look into using TubeBuddy and their awesome Keyword Explorer for finding the right keywords. But if you’re not ready to invest in the tool yet, feel free to use the tip I shared with you.

Ready to Rock YouTube

You can create a great piece of content by going live, shooting a video, or by repurposing your stream, but if you don’t use the language of your audience your masterpiece will be drawn to the bottom of the search and no one will get the value from it. So if you’re ready to rock in YouTube content creation, fasten your belt and DO THE RESEARCH 🙂

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