How To Engage With A New Audience Through Live Streaming
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How To Engage With A New Audience Through Live Streaming

Check out these awesome tips on how to engage with a new audience and grow your business through live streaming here!

Boosting Audience Engagement with Live Videos

Marketers know the drill when it comes to acquiring traffic – Facebook, Google and YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, SEO keywords… they work.

But what if you don’t have the resources for these methods to improve your business? Or you’ve tried them out to no substantial results?

There’s a relatively new marketing tool to try that’s cost-efficient but highly effective in boosting audience engagement — live streaming!

how-to-engage-a-new-audience-owen-videoIt isn’t exactly a totally new marketing strategy. Niel Patel has been endorsing live video marketing to drive more traffic and engagement to your business page for a few years now.

The New York Times and Livestream conducted a survey and found that 81% of audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015.

Now, YouTube videos get BILLIONS OF VIEWING MINUTES every single day.

That’s massive potential for a new audience!

Live streaming isn’t just a useful option for small business owners either. More prominent brands have now transitioned to doing scheduled live broadcasts on their social media platforms to widen their coverage.

Avon USA uses BeLive to conduct webinars, product demos, and live selling.

During the pandemic, Barnes and Noble also turned to live videos to market what would have been in-store events like book readings, launches, and interviews with authors.

How to Start Engaging with Your Audience Through Live Videos

Whether you’re selling a product or your expertise, how would you share it with your target audience?


Here’s how you can start engaging with your followers through live streaming:

  • Make a topic about your audience’s pain points. Entertainment sells, but real value endears. Answering your viewer’s questions will not only catch their attention, but it will keep them interested and excited for your other videos, too.
  • Write a thorough but interesting video description. You’ve got a fantastic video idea that’ll catch your viewers’ attention, but how will you entice them to tune in? Come up with a video description that’s just enough to keep them interested but still be informed.
  • Schedule your live stream. With BeLive, you can easily schedule your show to broadcast on Facebook, YouTube, or both at the same time. You can try scheduling your show right now!
  • Promote your show everywhere. Scheduling your show ahead of time gives you enough time to post on every platform you want to. Some ways to promote your stream include:
    • Facebook Ads
    • Partners
    • Groups
    • Blogs
    • Friend to repost your video
    • Social media posts and stories
  • Give value during your live. Once you go live, you can finally talk to your audience. It’s important to answer your viewers’ pain points but also mention your services or products that may solve their issues. Promote yourself at least twice during the show.
  • Do a giveaway. Everyone loves free stuff. And if you entice people to watch your show by giving them freebies, you can also retarget them for future posts through chatbots and Facebook ads.

BeLive currently has thousands of users who are successfully going live for their business or organization. Confidence Coach Molly Mahoney also followed this process when she started her business and is now enjoying a seven-figure revenue! Learn more about her success story here.

By consistently going live every week, she was able to warm up the audience she acquired from it and gained clients that are still loyal until today!

Like Molly, you can also use live streaming to attract a warm audience that will most likely purchase your goods or service. Then use bots for lead generation of possible customers.

Why Start Live Streaming

Benefits of Live Streaming

Here are some benefits of incorporating live videos into your marketing strategy.

  • You can go live by yourself without hiring multiple people. That’s because BeLive is super easy to use! Once you open your online studio, you just have to make sure you look presentable on camera and you’re good to go!
  • No need to purchase professional gears. With BeLive, you just need your laptop, a microphone, and an internet connection to connect with your audience.
  • You can download your video after the live stream. And in HD, too! You can save a copy of your shows in your external hard drive and repurpose it later!

Challenges of Live Streaming

People face challenges in any situation, and it’s the same with live streaming.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind and how to avoid them for a smooth show.

  • Slow internet results in lags in videos and spotty audio. Aside from upgrading your subscription, you can connect your computer or laptop to a LAN or cable to make it more stable.
  • Audio issues creates communication problems. Use an external headset and microphone to avoid feedback from other devices in the room. You should also make sure that your audio drives are in good working order.
  • Complicated production processes can exhaust you. To avoid being burned out, look for options to make your live streaming journey so much easier. Try using the BeLive studio cause you don’t have to worry about learning complex setups. You literally just need to push a few buttons to go live right away!

To avoid these issues, go on a test run first!

BeLive’s test broadcast option allows you to test your video, audio, and overall broadcast without having to go live.

Your video won’t get posted anywhere, and you can download it to check if you’re already camera-ready.

Get more excellent tips on how to grow your community from Social Media Marketing Strategy Coach Brenda Ster here!

Live streaming won’t make your business life more complicated. It will help you engage with your followers and reach out to more audiences without spending too much money and effort. 

Thanks to the simplicity and straightforwardness of live broadcasts, you have more time to focus on other aspects of your life. Try it out yourself!

Sign up to BeLive now and start engaging and reaching out to more people with your live broadcasts!

Here are some more helpful resources on how to live stream using BeLive:

Want to share live streaming tips and tricks with other BeLivers? Join our online community to interact with more than 20k live streaming enthusiasts, business-minded people, and content creators.

Schedule your first live now and watch your community grow tenfold once you start streaming regularly!

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