How adding Sound Effects can make your Live Show Better

Sound Effects can make your live stream SO MUCH BETTER! If you believe that, then you’re in for a treat as we share with you tips on how you can use sound effects to make your live video better and better.

Sound effects help you create personalities so that your live show can stand out from the rest. Sound effects let the audience know when something big is happening. You can cultivate the emotions behind your show that your audience can engage with and relate to. Sound effects can help stress a concept, emphasize your story and even develop a creative idea without using dialogue or music.

Route your Audio


You need to use programs that will route your audio directly into your live feed. What other people do is to play audio from a site and then that sound is reflected to the mic, then to the audience. When your audio is routed, it’s connected directly to the feed which gives your viewers the feeling that the audio is being played to them, not at them.

BeLive allows for this to happen seamlessly. When you use BeLive with your Facebook or Twitch show, you don’t need to worry about installing a ton of programs to make things work. You just need simple ones to supplement things.

Free Sound Effects

There are many sources for free sound effects, some of which are on YouTube and other sites such as Free Sound. Some of the audio here just need attributions to use it but does not need monetary payment. One of the things you need to remember about using sound effects is that you need to make sure the sound effect you are using is not copyrighted.

You can also use free sound effects on Facebook but make sure that the ones on Facebook are only used on Facebook Live videos.

If you are ready to shell out a few dollars for a more personalized sound effect, you can also check out this site below.

Make Moments POP

Correctly timing your effects placement is a major component to a polished live video. When you use sound effects the right way, it makes a simple show POP. It makes a statement that you made have more impact. It makes your message that much stronger. When these things are in play, your show becomes memorable instead of forgettable. Enriching content and adding authenticity to your live stream create opportunities for your product to stand out in a really good way.

When Owen does his show, he has sound effects in place when he wants to make an emphasis on how he can help you grow your Facebook LIVE show. It helps you believe him because the sound of his voice combined with the sound effect is just too strong to not be believed.

Benefits of using Sound Effects

Sounds bring a wealth of suggestion and meaning which can become an integral part of the video’s plot and enrich its vision. Sound effects can create a certain atmosphere and bring the viewers to the heart of the story.

When you’re telling your viewers the benefits of using your product or business, you can use sound effects to give more emphasis to your statement. You can use sound effects to end a presentation with a bang, literally and figuratively. It gives you a more professional feel on your live video and shows your viewers that you know what you’re doing.

For example, if you are talking about party ideas and why there needs to be a theme to make it more exciting, you can use sound effects to make people feel like they’re in a luau or play scary sound effects if the theme is about Halloween. Sound effects should help you nail the message without trying too hard.

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***This article is written by Kathy Kenny Ngo, BeLive’s Content Writer.

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