How to Conduct Better Facebook LIVE Interviews

Are you experiencing an awkward silence during your interviews? As the HOST it’s your job to do your absolute best and to bring the BEST, out of your guest!

On this week’s BeLive Weekly, we’ve got Social Media Strategists Stephanie Liu and Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video sharing some secrets for better Facebook LIVE interviews.

We got a few tips for you so if you conduct interviews on your Facebook LIVE, sit back, relax, and read on to learn how to rock that interview every single time.

Top of mind, tip of the tongue

It all starts with inviting the right persons for an interview. When you see them at a conference, meet them in an event or meeting, make sure that you get them on your mobile. Instead of going for the business card, it’s best to take a photo with them and get their details right there and then so that when you reach out days/ weeks/months later, you have something to attach to the email to also remind them of who you are.

Preparation is key

When you finally book your guest, make sure that your guest is ready. Send them 3 questions in advance and ask them 3 things that they would like to talk about. Have a technical call with them to make sure that everything will run smoothly. Ask them for a photo so you can create a perfect thumbnail and make sure that the show’s featured image will have them looking good. You need to shine the spotlight on them.

Edify the guest

This means you need to lift your guest up. You need to make them feel like the rockstar that they are. You need to validate the reason why they are your guest and why they are relevant to your show and to your audience. You need to tell your audience and viewers what they can learn from your guest and why they should watch this show with this particular guest.

You need to ask the right questions and have commentaries ready to help them if they buckle. Use the agenda feature of BeLive to help serve as your guide so you never have to take your eyes off the screen.

You can also do this by ensuring that the words shown on the lower third of your screen share what the guest is all about. This is possible when you use BeLive when you go LIVE on Facebook.

Unknown to Unforgettable

This should be your aim whenever you guest anyone on your Facebook LIVE. You want them to leave the show feeling like a star. You can do this by making sure that you’ve researched about your guest, what they do for a living, some minor trivia about them, and what they want to promote. Should they buckle, you need to be ready to step in and help them smoothly transition. You are the one in charge and you need to take charge by leading them down the path of a stress-free interview.

For more tips, watch the full show below and learn a lot more amazing tips from both Stephanie and Owen.



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