How to Have Freedom in Your Business

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the many tasks and responsibilities that come along with your business? Have you ever wondered why you seem more busy now than when you were employed? Do you feel disgruntled because the tasks never seem to end, the phone calls never seem to stop, and you just can’t take a break because your business has become your life?
BeLive’s live streaming host Molly Mahoney hosted a show last 4th of July to help you have more freedom not only in your business but also in your life.

Molly shared 5 tips on how you can claim back your freedom in your business so it does not overwhelm you.


You need to come to a point where you’ll realize that freedom is possible, that freedom in business and freedom in life is something that can be real. If you don’t allow yourself to step away from gremlins and dragons, these things will prevent you from claiming the freedom that you deserve.

Gremlins and dragons are things, people, or negative vibes that hinder us from achieving our goals. You treat it as something that can affect you immensely when you really should see it as a bubble that you can pop with a feather. When you do this, you can focus on the things that truly matters.

Choose to be free from negativity and things that do not contribute to your end goal.


You need to answer this question: What is it that you love? Sometimes, what you love can be sitting right in front of you, but you just don’t recognize it. You need to acknowledge what it is when you set our vision.

When you’re setting your vision, you have to be open to the fact that you may not know the path to get to that goal. Remember that you need to be committed to the end result but open to the path to get there.

Who you are is what will get you to your vision. Ask yourself, “what do I want?” You need to bring your unique self and your unique life with your unique energy into your vision because you won’t be able to find a place of freedom if what makes you unique has been crushed.

Eyes on the prize.


There are two things that you need to remember when you think of time. What do you love? What can you delete?

When you start living in the future as if the life you want is already there, it becomes easier to manage what should and shouldn’t be in your schedule.


Setting boundaries is not being selfish. When you set boundaries, it is actually the most giving and wonderful thing that you could do for yourself, your family, your friends, your clients, and your business. When you set your boundaries, you can fully commit to what is right in front of you at the moment.

When something negative comes and you set your boundaries, you can make the positive choice to move things forward. There is strength in being able to do that.


If you commit, you need to stick what you promised yourself. When you commit, you need to ensure that it’s something that you can keep doing.

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