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How to Get More Replay Viewers?

Have you ever wanted to repurpose your content and reach a wider audience and have people constantly see your content on their timelines, so much so that they feel the need to also share it because your content rocks?

Owen Video, our BeLive Weekly host and top performing video marketing coach, talked about how you can get replay viewers on your live shows. He also had Emeric Ernoult, CEO and co-founder of Agorapulse, to share some key tools and benefits with using AgoraPulse, an amazing social networking management tool.

Do you need replay viewers?

Live is live but not everybody is going to be available.

If you have a recurring show, one where you do a live streaming show on the same day and same time of the week, chances are you might be missing out on people who are not able to watch you at that certain time. When you repurpose your show, you reach a wider audience who will get to watch your show, comment on it, and inadvertently share it to their own network. This results to more views for you, bigger engagement, and wider reach for your live shows.

So how can you do this? Emeric of Agorapulse and Owen Video share some tips.


LinkedIn is loving videos right now so its best that you take advantage of it. You can get up to 4x more views on LinkedIn than on Facebook because LinkedIn is supporting native videos as of the moment, the same way that Facebook started supporting videos two years ago.

If your business has a market on LinkedIn, you should take advantage of it.


Instead of getting people on Facebook to go to YouTube or getting people on YouTube to go to Facebook, upload the videos separately on each platform and win the viewers in their respective platforms.


On Twitter, it’s quite easy to repurpose your live shows. You just post a short description of what the show is about, put the correct hashtag that encapsulates what the content is all about, then add the link to your live show.


When you repurpose on Instagram, you need to make sure that the aesthetics of what you link will be perfect for the aesthetic of Instagram. You can put a short description as well and even a series of screenshots to gather attention and then make sure that the link to your live show is on your profile, not the caption.

How can you maximize your repurposed content?

During the show, Emeric shared two of his best practices on how you can gather more replay viewers because simply sharing it on different platforms is not enough.

  1. Customize your content per social network. Content needs to be ideally crafted per social media network. On Facebook and Instagram, you can post lengthy captions. On Twitter, it’s better to be short and sweet while maximizing hashtags. On LinkedIn, you need to be more professional sounding.
  2. Republish and repost your content several times while managing your queues. When you schedule your content on any platform that you are using, keep in mind that a tweet can be repurposed 5x in a day. On Twitter, you can do this. On Facebook, not so much so be aware of how many times you have shared a content on each platform. If you have a lot of content and it’s of quality, keep reposting your content all over the net because a person could see your tweet in the morning, afternoon, and during dinner but not be interested. They could then read it before sleeping and think to themselves, “hmm, lemme go ahead and check it out.” Note though that this will not work for everyone. This will only work if you already have a lot of content to put out.

Now that you have some great tips on how you can repurpose your content to get more replay viewers, you can be guaranteed that you’ll start to get more views, higher engagement, and a wider reach for your materials. Remember that a single comment, like, retweet, or heart means that your content gets put forward in someone’s news feed.

Watch the full video below if you would like to get more tips from our very own Live Video Growth Coach, Owen Video.

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