Is Your Facebook Live show stagnating in a swamp of sadness?

Today on BeLive Weekly, live video Growth Coach Owen Video answered your questions and workshopped your challenges to help your show grow in value, popularity, and impact! Yes, you read that right! This week’s show is all about you, your problems, and your growth.

We had different BeLive users as our guest and had them share what their biggest challenge has been with their Facebook Live shows because we know that their questions could be your questions too.

How do we create the perfect workflow?

There are a couple of things that are needed to create the perfect workflow. You first need to learn to outline what you will talk about on the show. Afterward, you need to outline where you want to bring the repurposed content of the show.

Use BeLive.TV when you do your live show to help you out with this. We have the Agenda feature which also serves as a guideline to make things easier for you when you go live.

The guideline that you create should have everything that you need for the show. To make things easier, here’s a checklist of everything you need to have on your guideline.

  • Killer Headline.
  • Intro to the topic.
  • Read the guest bio which should contain only 3 main bullet points.
  • Ask the 5 questions that need to be answered for this show’s content.
  • Do the hot seat to keep things interesting.
  • Wrap everything up / Summarize.
  • Close the show.

Why does a workflow matter?

Every live show should have a workflow. For those who go live who don’t have a table of content or paper guide, it’ better to have it on a Google document or a project management system. The reason for this is so that you can go back and REVIEW what you did on the show. When you put things on paper, the chances of throwing away the piece of paper or forgetting about it is higher.

The workflow allows for you to review and learn what you did wrong, what could have been better, and what stood out during your live show.

Pro Tip:

  1. If your guest had a great question, mark it down asap on your notepad so you don’t need to go back to the entire show. Timestamp it right there and then. This will save you a lot of time and you can inform your audience to watch out for it during the replay.
  2. When you create your one minute video for your repurposed content, leave them wanting for more by putting a question at the end of the video then lead them to your site or the rest of the live show for the answer.

How do I script a live show or live video without sounding fake?

Tip 1: You only script when you need to. This means that you only script the opening and closing of your show. The middle part which is the content should never be scripted. Keywords can be outlined but the rest should remain spontaneous and free-flowing between you and your guests if you have any.

Tip 2: You need to say your opening and closing the same way every single time to get it to hook in the mind of your viewers. The more you say it, the less it will sound scripted and the more it will sound natural.

Tip 3: Make your opening your mantra. When you log off, say the same thing so you can help your audience remember. Create a ritual. This helps the viewers remember what your show is all about.

What are the two things that a Facebook LIVE show needs?

Owen’s first video actually talked about the two things your show needs. For the short version, your show needs a title and it needs an opening statement. For more details, we recommend watching the full show.



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