How To Leverage AI Content Generator Tools For Live Streaming in 2023

What do AI content generators, food deliveries, and fast lines have in common? They save you a lot of time. AI Technology keeps conquering the planet with more solutions for content creators, marketers, and literally, every digital specialist over there. Live streamers are not an exception.

This blog post was re-purposed from a live stream hosted by Be.Live. You’ll learn how live streamers can leverage AI content generators and be even more productive.

What Is AI Content Generator Tool?

AI Content Generator tool is any tool that uses AI technology for producing content. These tools rewrite or produce new pieces of content by using existing information they’re trained on. For example, ChatGPT uses a massive amount of data from books, articles, and websites to generate answers to different questions (it’s not connected to the Internet though as some people might think)

Among the most famous AI tools on the market right now are:

How AI Content Generation Can Help You In Live Streaming?

AI generators will save you hours of work by streamlining some of your processes and helping you to overcome the creative block. You can create blog posts, voiceovers, images, or videos by simply choosing the right tool. These also will help you with your live-streaming routine. Let’s dive in.


AI tools are great for preparing for the shows. With them you’ll be able:

  • generate ideas and topics for your live streams;
  • create outlines for the show;
  • generate copies for your presentations and scripts;
  • and many more.

“I actually use AI for a bunch of content creation stuff, [..] I use AI to get ideas, to get my mind running a little bit.”

Dr. Elo

Here is an example of me asking Merlin (CHatGPT-based Chrome extension) to create an outline for Amazon Live showHere is an example of me asking Merlin (CHatGPT-based Chrome extension) to create an outline for Amazon Live show


Producing, copywriting, and inspiration are only a part of the things that you can use AI technology for.

For creating copy you can use ChatGPT, Jasper, Copy.AI, and other software.

While Being Live

When it comes to preparation for the show or managing your broadcasts once they’re over – it’s easy, you can find many ways for utilizing artificial intelligence technology. However, the challenge lies in implementing this technology while on air.

There is only one live streaming solution on the market that offers AI technology integrated directly into the live streaming process – Be.Live’s AI Comment Assistant.

This amazing tool analyzes all the comments you receive in real-time and shows only positive feedback from your audience right in the stream. It also shows questions so you’re able to keep your audience engaged by answering all the requests. 

If you’re an experienced live streamer, you know how challenging it might be to focus on your presentation, layouts management, and engage with your guest all at once. That is why having such an assistant managing comments on-screen is a life-saver thing for those who want to smooth their working flow and avoid stress.

Try Be.Live

After Stream

Live shows are not over once you press the Stop button. It’s a great idea to leverage your live streams using repurposing. You can get more exposure by creating multiple snippets of the show and sharing them on social media. This can also help increase engagement with potential customers and followers while driving more traffic to your website. Additionally, it can help you reach new audiences and build a larger following.

AI technology can assist you in modifying your pre-recorded live streams, creating written versions of what was said in your videos, and producing summaries of your live shows. This makes it easier for you to share your content on social media.

I am using it [ai technology] to edit some of my videos in a very small capacity. If I happen to misspeak in one of my live streams, I can take clips of my videos, put it into an AI, and have it just change one word or two words that I misspeak so that when I’m repurposing that content, I am able to use it with the correct words.

KM Robinson

Here are a few AI solutions that will help you with creating top-notch repurposed live streams

  • Cleanvoice. It is an AI-powered tool designed to eliminate filler sounds, stuttering, and mouth noises from your recorded audio.
  • Vidyo. If you don’t have time to play around with Editor, you can give Vidyo a try. This AI-based tool will repurpose your live streams according to your requirements.

AI Content Creation: Pitfalls To Avoid 

The main issue with artificial intelligence is that, according to Anthony Iliakostas, it is currently in the “Wild West” where copyright law is not clearly addressed. AI generators lack a human entity involved in the process, and this raises questions about the enforcement of rights and protection of AI-generated material.

Additionally, AI generation can lead to sourcing material from other creators and authors, leaving them vulnerable to infringement and putting you, as a customer, in a position where you unintentionally use copyrighted content.

The main issue with artificial intelligence right now is from a copyright point of view, if I went to an AI art generator and I asked it to create a painting of Michael Scott juggling balls while eating a baguette, the software creates that artwork, but under the basic tends to copyright law, who is the owner? 

Because the copyright, the US Copyright Office has made it very clear that there is a human authorship requirement that is imperative when you’re making original works of authorship.

Anthony Iliakostas

Every time you are eager to use AI technology, you have to ask yourself where is it pulling that information from.

To be sure you’re aligned with the law, make sure to follow the next rules:

  • Generate ideas, not the final result of what you want to get; 
  • Avoid using AI-generated images as of now;
  • Use AI for rephrasing your own sentences if you struggle with copywriting.

Wrapping Up

This is the right time for live streamers and all digital communities to explore and prepare for the future when AI technology is fully developed. It will definitely change our routine and give creators even bigger room for growth.

However it has caught up too quickly and the legal community has been unable to respond to it in time, which is why we have to be conscious about using this opportunity in our businesses right now.


What Is AI-Generated Content?

AI Generated Content is content produced by artificial intelligence algorithms. It can be anything from blog posts to YouTube videos.

What Are The Best AI Image Generators?

What Is The Best AI Text Generator?

ChatGPT is the best AI Text Generator. The applications of ChatGPT are vast and include tasks such as natural language generation, language translation, text summarization, and sentiment analysis.

Can AI Be Used For Content Marketing?

Yes, sure! There are various possible ways to do so. But it’s important to keep in mind that copyright problems may arise. With AI-generated content, it can be unclear who holds the rights to the content, resulting in potential legal violations.

How To Use AI To Improve Content Efficiency?

AI Content Writing can be incredibly useful for generating ideas, brainstorming, and turning long-format content into short-form one. Utilizing these opportunities can significantly reduce the time required for content production.

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