LiveCon 2019 Day 2: Be CONnected and Increase Your Reach

LiveCon Day 2

The first day was all about being CONfident in front of the camera and start live streaming. On day 2 of BeLive’s LiveCon2019, six amazing guests shared their tips on how to be CONnected with your audience and increase your reach!

Here are some of each speaker’s advice for audience growth.

1. Larry Sparks of Larry Sparks Ministries

Larry Sparks, motivation speaker and author, talked about how you can build authority and credibility through video interviews. Thanks to his wife introducing him to BeLive, he was able to connect and grow his audience through his live broadcasts.

According to Larry, going live helps you grow your reach in the following ways:

  • Building credibility – live video takes your credibility to the next level. More and more people feel empowered to speak thanks to the authority that live broadcast brings.
  • Consistency – It helps you be more consistent and practice your public speaking

 2. Lynn Bardowski– Founder at Million $ Party Girl

Lynn Bardowski, an author, speaker, direct selling expert, and founder of Million $ Part Girl, also shared her top tips on how to connect with more people through live streaming and BeLive.

Her five strategies on how to increase viewers and grow your audience include:

  1. Collaboration – Think about who you can team up with to build your list.
  2. Have a way to follow up – You need to use a CRM tool to collect the information you need like phone numbers and emails.
  3. Cross-promote – Use your social media sites to share links to your live broadcast.
  4. Create an event on your business page – If you create an event on Facebook, it markets your event for you.
  5. Get that engagement and interaction going – Ask questions before going live, reply to those questions, and host watch parties after going live to increase your reach.

6. Wister Ritchie – Trucks Gone Wild

An event promotor for off-road motorsports, Wister Ritchie of Trucks Gone Wild has been using BeLive for almost two years now.

Here are some of Wister’s tips on how to help your page grow through live videos:

  • Focus on your fanbase and keep them updated – Talk about your product and service in a positive manner.
  • Be consistent – Set a schedule and follow it.
  • Use email databases – This is a great way to get people to sign up for activities and other promotions.
  • Have a weekly prize – It helps encourage people to comment into your live broadcast and improve your reach.
  • Share your broadcast in different groups – It promotes more interaction for the live stream.

4. Lori Apgar – Lori Apgar Creates

Lori Apgar helps crafty business owners stand out in a sea of crafters to get their works seen.

Being on BeLive for almost two years allowed her to show her demo and interact with her audience at the same time. She also repurposed those videos for others to find and go back to later on.

Some of her tips on how to get CONnected to your audience on live videos include:

  • Always ask for a replay – You can get more views on repurposed and replayed videos.
  • Ask questions during the live broadcast – Whenever your audience answers them, you improve your page’s engagement.
  • Do storytelling and sharing – Tell your audience about yourself. Knowing you encourages your audience to come back for more.
  • Figure it out and improve as you go – Going live is trial and error.

5. Rayven Monique – Color Happy

Rayven Monique runs a membership website called Color Happy, which is wholly based on coloring for adults. You can watch and color with her at home while talking about happiness.

She has been using BeLive for two years now to “stop the scroll.”

How do you stop people to scroll pointlessly on their phone and watch a live video? Rayven shared a couple ways.

  • Start a conversation in the comments section by sharing a word to discuss. It helps draw attention to your broadcast itself.
  • Give away prizes. It draws out silent watchers and allows them to join the process.

6. Chef AJ – Foodie TV 

Chef AJ, the best-selling author of “The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss,” shared her own tips on how to get great engagement on her live cooking shows.

Instead of just posting her recipes on Facebook or Twitter, she posts tempting food pictures on Instagram. She then entices people to watch the live stream on how to make those recipes though her BeLive video. She also repurposes those videos to post on other social media platforms like Youtube.


The dev team also announced a special new feature on day two of LiveCon 2019! Find out what it is in the video below. You can also revisit the morning session on Facebook!

Watch the LiveCon 2019’s second day morning session below! Interested in the afternoon panel? Catch it here!

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