LiveCon 2019: Be CONfident Explores LiveStreaming Opportunities for Growing Your Community

At BeLive, we’re all about celebrating our community. So, on our 3rd birthday, we prepared LiveCon 2019, a three-day day event that features select panelists from our ever-growing BeLive family. Hosted by entrepreneur, business coach, and long-time BeLive user Leslie Lauten Williams, LiveCon 2019 will run from October 14 to 16.

The first day of LiveCon 2019 zeroes in on how live-streaming can be leveraged to find your unique voice, boost your business, and build your own global community. Titled “Be CONfident,” Day One panelists shared their own experiences, from their humble beginnings to their most fulfilling journeys.

Ryan Lestrange Shares His “Launch Out” Perspective

Ryan Lestrange opened for the afternoon session, discussing “Launch Out.” As a Christian author and live streamer, Ryan emphasized the importance of giving content before asking the audience for anything. Once that happens, you can be catapulted into reaching your goals.

Ryan shared 3 key takeaways:

  • Video is king — use it to your advantage
  • Media is a storytelling business — every story is unique
  • Live streaming requires authenticity — use this to bond with your audience

“It’s not about being polished; it’s about being honest,” he said. Having BeLive also helped him to “narrowcast,” or specifically target his audience and maximize his presence there.

BeLive Moderators on Impact and Community

The second part of the afternoon session featured BeLive Moderators: Steven Healey, Bridgetti Lim Banda, and David Burrows. The three discussed their unique perspectives on how you can scale your live streaming game.

David emphasized on building your own community and creating a big impact there. He also looked back on how BeLive brought the three of them closer together.

Meanwhile, Bridgetti talked about how passion can lead you to bigger things. She also shared a few words of advice, especially if you’re struggling to begin your own live streams. In terms of security and safety, she says:

“You can be authentic without divulging too much information about yourself.”

Mario Fachini Urges: “Don’t Get Stuck on StartUp Mode”

Mario Fachini came next. As a live-stream podcast expert, Mario shared how he started his show in BeLive and the growth he has experienced since then. The lively discussion, which included him acknowledging viewer comments and answering questions in real-time, opened up the conversation about how just getting started is vital. 

According to him, success in live-streaming all just comes down to three things:

  1. your vision
  2. your strategy
  3. who you’re helping

Once these things are locked in, all the technicalities would just fall into place.

He also discussed tips on how to succeed in the business, particularly saying, “Don’t get stuck in startup mode… Even before you start, you have to know where you’re going with it. And once you start, ‘Don’t just stay there.”’

KM Robinson Shares Creative Ways Authors Can Use BeLive

Lastly, social media manager and author K.M. Robinson shared valuable insights with her fellow authors on how promoting books through live videos helped her beat social media algorithms.

K.M. brought in fellow young adult fiction authors as her panelists to share valuable social media strategies. This included best practices on how they used BeLive, including:

  • live interviews
  • live readings
  • character introductions
  • author interviews
  • real-time interactions with fans

Empowering People to Be CONfident

Overall, the panelists’ insights can help you be more confident with your own live streams. You can use their stories and practical advice especially if you want to grow your audience organically throughout various platforms.

Watch the whole video of the afternoon session of LiveCon 2019 Day One: Be CONfident here. You may also view this on YouTube here.

Want to catch up on the morning session of LiveCon 2019 Day One? You can watch it on Facebook here.

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