Setting Goals in 2019 as a Streamer: It’s all about the Community!

It’s almost 2019. Have you set your streaming goals for 2019? If you haven’t, then you are in for a treat because BeLive was able to get a few noteworthy Twitch streamers to help you identify what your goals should be as a streamer for 2019.

Greenchord of StreamKey Podcast recently partnered with to host a show called Setting Goals in 2019 as a Streamer and had Gamer_Dad_NC, Velokk_TV, and SaltedGreg as guests and here are a few tips for you.

It’s all about the community.

One of the things that they all agreed on was growing your community. You need to build your community first before you even start wanting to build your viewers and followers. Without a strong community, the followers you may have when you do giveaways or what not will all be fake. When you have a strong community, the viewers will follow because it is your community who will let others know about your program. You need to move away the focus on numbers and instead, focus on keeping your community active and engaged.

Use the SMART system

When you create your goals this 2019, make sure that each and every single one of your goal is SMART. This means it is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. This is one of the best ways to create your goal.

Here’s an example. Do not set a goal like “I will grow my community.” Instead, set a goal like “I will make sure to reply to each comment on my show, 24 hours after it is live.” This is more specific and you can actually measure it. It’s also achievable and relevant because this is definitely one way to build your community.

Stick with what you can control

When you aim for a goal, choose the ones that you have control over and something that you feel strongly about. When your goal is something that is controllable by yourself, you will not feel hopeless. When it has meaning for you, you will keep fighting for it. When it is challenging but is also something that can be done, you will keep moving forward to make things happen. You also need to make sure that for your goal, you always have both short term and long term goals. An example of this would be the one listed below.

Short term goal: stream 10 shows in one month

Long term goal: become a Twitch affiliate.

Choose something you love but is also sustainable

When you choose a theme for your show, choose something that is more your niche rather than choosing something that is popular. This is something that a lot of streamers who are just beginning do to get the views. Instead of focusing on the views, focus on creating your brand.

The numbers may not come right away but what’s good about a niche market is that there are other people out there who are into what you are into and they will start coming if you just focus on creating content for your niche. This is why choosing something that you love matters. However, if you love something really obscure, it may not be sustainable so strike a balance between the two. Do not stream something that you find uninteresting jut to get the views. Authenticity is something that a lot of people look for when they watch streams.

To know more on how you can set goals this 2019 as a streamer, make sure that you watch this entire video linked below.



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