Earn 100K in 90 Days through Live Streaming

Who wants to earn 100k in 90 days using LIVE streaming? If you answered “ME!” then this article is for you.

Last week, we wrote about 3 Simple Tactics to Thrive on Facebook LIVE so this week, it’s all about how to create rapid growth in your business with Facebook LIVE.

This week, BeLive Weekly’s Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video and guest marketing genius Adam Urbanski talk about how Adam moves his clients to 100k in 90 days with live video. Adam shares how he’s teaching his clients on how to get them to hit 100k in just 90 days.

Zone of Genius

According to Adam Urbanski, you need to find your Zone of Genius before you even start a business.

Ask yourself:

What do you have to offer that people will be willing to pay you for?

What do you have to offer that you can offer to do for other people and have them pay you for it?

It could be something trivial and small but to someone, it could be worth paying for. Find that and then make it your business. Have something that you can confidently offer because when you do, people will be willing to pay for that.

Be a Unicorn

If you don’t have a particular zone of genius but you are curious about something, learn what you can about it, and then DO SOMETHING about what you learned.

Most people take up tutorials, webinars, and workshops but never implement what they learn because they think it still can’t be done or they think it’s too hard. When they do find someone who actually does it, it blows their mind and then they treat that person as a guru. Be that guru. Be a UNICORN.

Talk your walk and preach what you practice.

If you noticed, this was worded the other way around. Most people would tell you to walk your talk and practice what you preach but Adam says to do it the other way. You need to make sure that the tongue in your mouth is going in the same direction as the tongue in your shoe. Don’t fake it till you make it because your client/customers/viewers will be able to see right through you.

Don’t go for the easy buttons.

Instead, aim for the great results. It may take a lot of work but it will give you great results. Do not bypass people with automated marketing. When you forget the connection with people, you won’t be able to fully utilize the technology. It is a mistake if you create a funnel that filters people before they even get to you.

Resist the urge to pitch.

Instead, ask. “Do you like _____?” Would you like to know more about it? Tell me more about what kind of _____ that you like, so I can send you the right information.” When you don’t sell but instead show people what they can get, how they can benefit, and what they can take from what you have, they would be more than willing to listen. You would never need to ask for the sale. They will be more than ready to give it to you.

Be a box of cereal.

You are a box of cereal in a grocery store. Be clear about who you are, what your flavor is, and describe what you have to offer because the right people will show up and buy you. Don’t be Oreo Os or Honey Stars if you are a Captain Crunch. Your ideal customer will be attracted to you and what you have to offer because what they are looking for is also Captain Crunch.

Watch the full video below if you would like to get more tips from our very own Live Video Growth Coach, Owen Video and Adam Urbanski. Trust us, it’s worth watching!



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