Get your Big Rocks in your Calendar First

Have you ever found yourself torn between your personal and professional life? Have you ever put yourself in a situation where a really important personal matter coincided with a really great opportunity professionally?

Our Monetize your Live Twitch host Molly Mahoney had this happen to her recently. This incident reminded her that with the start of 2019, you need to remember to get your big rocks in your calendar first so that choosing between two great things won’t happen again.

Set A System

When you are making your plans or calendar, make sure that your non-negotiable or big rocks get put in first. You have to set up a system to be able to keep track of what rocks are going in so that you don’t fill all the spaces with small stones, leaving no room for the big rocks.

Big rocks can differ from one person to another. Your big rock could be family, business, conferences, your health, or friends. Whatever it may be, you need to make sure that the big rocks come in first because if the small rocks get in first, there won’t be enough space for the big rocks.

Chunk your Goal

Goal setting is very important when it comes to making things happen.

You can chunk your Goals into a 90-day year plan and two-week “sprints” to make things more manageable. This is a tip from Todd Herman, high-performance coach to professional and Olympic athletes and leadership advisor to two self-made billionaires, Cisco Executives, members of the Spanish Royal Family and high achieving entrepreneurs.

When you chunk your goals and set it on your calendar, you ensure that you will have space for opportunities when they actually materialize.

Claim it!

When you want to achieve something, you need to voice it out and claim it. There are so many people who are scared to even say what they want online and you shouldn’t be one of them. You need to claim it and let the universe know that there is no one that can stop you from achieving your goal.

Notice that when you put something out there, the universe delivers. It could be as simple as needing a cab and you keep thinking it then the cab appears. When you claim something and pair it with hard work, you can make things happen.

Find out the other 4 steps on how you can get your big rocks first in your calendar by watching this video below.



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