How to Get more Appointments with Facebook LIVE

Do you struggle turning your leads into appointments because you’re not sure what to do? Do you want to make more sales in your business so that you can grow and invest in other business? If any of these questions has crossed your mind then this article is for you.

Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video has decided to share his secrets in getting more leads and turning those leads into appointments so that you can close that sale!

Maintain that human touch.

There are so many businesses that have set up bots on their sites or pages. You can simply buy their book or download their podcast and never have any form of human contact. Now this may sell to millenials but the older generation still prefers some form of human touch.

If you can engage the older generation as well as the millenials, your business will surely be at an advantage.

Never forget that automation may get the business but it is building relationships that keep the business.

Create a Video Title Spreadsheet

Titles matter. Ideas matter even more and when ideas are left written in random notes or notepads, they will never see the light of day. You need to have a spreadsheet where all your video titles and video ideas can be posted at a moment’s notice. This is where your hodgepodge of ideas will be dumped so that it can be sorted and utilized at a later date.

Run of Show

You need to make sure that when you go live, you are coherent, understandable, relatable, and easily understood. However, the chances of you going off kilter during your live is pretty big so you need to make sure that you have a guide that you can follow.

This where an ROS or run of show comes in. An ROS is a template / guide that helps you organize your live show. This is where all the information of your live show goes such as thumbnails, the links you need to share during your live, the title, the caption, and the timestamps on where you should be at a certain point during your live.

The ROS or run of show also allows you to track how many viewers you have in the different segments of your live show. In the end, this will allow you to create better videos that will result to more opt in which then become leads which you can turn into appointments. The great thing about ROS is that it can be easily duplicated and repeated over and over again.

Owen has one last step which gives more details on how you can get leads and turn those leads into appointments so make sure to watch the full video below.

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