How to Grow a Loyal Community through Facebook LIVE

Community. This seems to be one of the hardest things to grow in the ever-changing world of social media where everyone’s attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish in a fishbowl.

So, how do you grow a loyal community through Facebook LIVE?

Today on BeLive Weekly, Live Video Growth Coach Owen Video and Fallon Zoe shared some GOLDEN nuggets for Community Growth. If you have a Facebook group and want to grow it or you’ve just finally gotten your groove in your Facebook LIVE because you’ve already gone through your Desktop Checklist for Live Streamers, learned how to thrive on Facebook LIVE, and grown your Facebook LIVE, then it’s time to learn how to grow a loyal community.


When you want to organically grow your community because you may be starting out and do not have a budget for ads, networking is key. You can use email lists, Facebook Marketing Funnel, messenger bots, and other social media platforms. Use anything that you have within your means to contact people and let them know of your existence and your show.

Communication Tool

Treat social media as a Communication Tool, not just a place to dump your content. This is actually one of the best ways to use social media and reach out to your target audience so that you may turn them into a strong, loyal community. Use your platforms to build a connection and fortify it.

Using BeLive’s app, it’s easier to make this happen because with the highlighted comment and lower thirds as seen below, your viewers will truly feel that they are part of the Facebook LIVE you are doing and not just mere spectators.

sample of highlighted comment


If you want to build a community through Facebook LIVE, you need to be able to commit to your community. This means that you need to have a regular schedule when it comes to your Facebook LIVE so that your community knows they can count on you to show up when you say you would.

Facebook Group

One of the best ways to build a strong community is to build a Facebook Group. Now, do not just open a group because simply opening it will not guarantee success. You first need to have a set of followers already and this can be done when you consistently provide content that people want to watch. Once this is already set, then you can go ahead and start a Facebook group.

Remember though that you do not simply start one. What you need to do is to LAUNCH your Facebook group. Make people want to be part of the pre-launch group by building on exclusivity, founding member badges, and providing exclusive content to those who are part of the pre-launch. Tell everyone about the exclusive invite and make them want to be a part of it. This is how you can successfully start your Facebook group that will eventually become your loyal community.

Maximize your Automation

We’ve said before that it’s best to stay connected with your audience, customers, or viewers but this applies more when you are just starting out. Now that you have already mastered your Facebook LIVE and have gathered a number of followers, you need to ensure that you are constantly communicating with them and sending out updates. If you have over 100 followers, it doesn’t make sense to send an update one by one. Not everyone will also be on your mailing list and this is why automation or using bots matter. You want to reach as many people as fast as possible and you want to make sure you actually reach everyone. Automation is the answer to this problem.

There are more tips from our guest Fallon on how you can grow your community so if you wanna know what they are, watch the full show here:



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