YouTube Tags How to Get Found

Tags To Use On YouTube (How To Get Found Easily)

The tags section on YouTube functions similarly to hashtags on YouTube and helps the platform determine where to put your video in searches, what it’s related to, and what related videos to add to your sidebar.


Tag Order Matters

When adding in your tags, put the most relevant ones first. Try to use tags that are relevant to your video, like restating the question people are searching for when searching. Be sure to include tags that are consistent with your specific topic.


Use your name and brand name as tags to help your videos pop up when people search for you.


The tags you use could help you to potentially show up on the sidebar for similar videos once you’ve gained enough watch time to get the algorithm’s attention.


Tag Themes

Keep tags consistent with your topic. YouTube’s algorithm analyzes everything you post, from your video to your caption, to your tags, and they’re watching for things that aren’t relevant to your video. Avoid anything that doesn’t logically fit with your video content.


Copy And Paste To Save Time

YouTube Studio allows you to easily copy and paste your tags if you’re going to reuse them. Click on the video you wish to copy the tags from and then click on the double square next to that video’s tags.



On your new video, type any video-or-title-specific tags you want to add in first, then paste the rest in. You can delete any additional tags that aren’t applicable.


Once you’re happy with your tags, click save.

Pro tip: If you add your tags and then click to do something else that takes you away from the page before saving, you’ll lose your tags, so always save after adding those in before moving on to the next step.

Next Step

Once you’ve handled your tags, it’s time to add in your thumbnail. In the next article, I’ll be breaking down artwork for thumbnails and how to create it.


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Editor’s note: This post was originally published on September 27, 2019 and has been edited for new updates

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