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Zoom vs BeLive: Which Tool Is Right For Your Video Conference Or Webinar?

Live streaming solutions help people easily connect and communicate with each other even when they’re not able to meet face to face.

With this said, let’s take a closer look at the two most popular live streaming solutions people are using today, Zoom vs BeLive.

Zoom vs BeLive

Zoom is a popular solution widely used in enterprise communications. It has an easy, web-based format. Users can use Zoom for meetings and remote interactions, especially for small groups. However, it can also be linked to social media platforms for virtual training and webinars that the public can access.

Meanwhile, BeLive is designed especially for live streamers. It’s also for those wanting to engage with a bigger audience as well as grow their community. As a Facebook Live Solutions Partner, live streamers of all kinds flock to the BeLive studio to air all types of content without the need for complicated stream keys or URLs. Users can now share their content to YouTube as well.

Zoom: Video Call and Meeting Tool


Zoom is perfect for small groups who would like to have meetings or want to engage in group calls.

Let’s break it down:

  • Platform: It’s a video-conferencing platform that allows users to share a link in order to access the meeting or webinar. Although it’s a cloud-based tool, users who will join the meeting still need to download the app into their computer or mobile phone to join the conference.
  • Authorization: The host can manage the feed and assign other co-hosts to do the same.
  • Scheduling: The host can schedule meetings through Google Calendar.
  • Collaboration: During the meeting, participants can take advantage of the annotation or whiteboard feature.
  • Facebook Integration: Users can stream a meeting to their Facebook timeline, group, or page, as well as on YouTube.
  • Customization: Users can upload their logos to their Zoom account to be displayed during the broadcast.
  • Screen sharing: It has a screen-sharing feature.
  • Frames and split-screens: Users can share screens at the same time, but they will be unable to share their computer audio. It also doesn’t have many options for a picture-in-frame or a split-screen feature for a more dynamic interview format. The “Gallery View” must be selected first, otherwise, only the speaker will show up at a given time.
  • Crawlers and lower-thirds: It doesn’t have this capability.
  • Additional Features: Breakout rooms for participants to discuss in smaller groups during a virtual training or meeting.
  • Support: 24/7 support
  • Pricing: It has a Free plan which has a 45-minute duration limit for virtual calls. Paid plans start at $14.99/month for Pro, as well as $19.99/month for both Business and Enterprise subscriptions.


BeLive: Easy LiveStreaming for All Broadcasters and Content Creators


For those who are looking for a bigger audience or would like to broadcast to the public, such as their online community, then BeLive is a great solution. It provides pro-quality broadcasts like you are in a real studio.

Let’s take a look at how BeLive stacks up against Zoom:

  • Platform: It’s a browser-based platform that allows guests to join the stream through their computer or mobile devices through a link. Users can pin this link on top of the comments section on Facebook or YouTube. The guest URL can also be shared through multiple channels for anyone to easily join in.
  • Authorization: The host can manage the stream from his or her computer.
  • Scheduling: The host can schedule shows on YouTube, Facebook, or both at the same time. Scheduling is great because you can promote your live stream ahead of time.
  • Collaboration: During the show, viewers can comment on the live show and these comments can be shown on the screen. Facebook reactions are also enabled. Guests and the host, meanwhile, can have a private chat within the BeLive studio.
  • Facebook Integration: Users can stream a meeting to their Facebook timeline, group, or page.
  • YouTube Integration: Users may also stream their meeting or show to YouTube.
  • Customization: Overlays, logo, and backgrounds can be customized and uploaded to the studio, so you can make sure to stand out when you’re live. Widget for a countdown timer and on-screen post-it notes can also be used for a more dynamic stream.
  • Screen sharing: It has a screen-sharing feature for the host and, with the paid plan, the guests. The host can also share photos, videos less than 100mb, and clips directly from YouTube. The Live Sales feature allows the host to show information about a product or service right on the show and send the link for it in the comments section as well.
  • Frames and split-screens: Users can have a dynamic show with full control on how they want their frames or screens to be laid out on the show with options to choose from. There is also a picture-in-picture feature that allows the hosts’ camera to show in one corner as the shared screen is shown. The Pro plan also has a multi-cam feature for users who want to add depth to their broadcast.
  • Crawlers and lower-thirds: BeLive has multiple themes that allow users to choose how their crawlers and lower thirds look. The On-Screen Agenda feature allows the host to flash phrases all throughout the show either as a subtitle or a crawler.
  • Additional features: The BeLive Video Editor allows users to trim, edit, and share clips from recently ended broadcasts without needing to download the entire video.
  • Support: 24/7 support
  • Pricing: BeLive has three plans available: FREE, Standard+ at $24.99/month, and Pro at $37.50/month when billed annually.


The Tool That Fits Your Needs

Which streaming tool should you use? It all depends on your needs. If you’re working remotely or planning a class online and would like to hold a private teleconference, then Zoom may be the tool for you.

But if you’re looking to continue connecting with your customers, community, friends, or students on social media, then BeLive is the perfect app for you to use.

Join our online group of BeLivers to learn more about live streaming and content creation.

Editor’s Note: This post has been edited with new features and other updates for relevancy and accuracy.

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